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Compact, flexible and ready to work. UniCarriers Class III forklifts are hand-controlled, battery powered and perfect for short runs in smaller warehouses. Capable of lifting low to medium levels, these powered pallet jacks are suitable for quickly unloading trailers or moving loads to a staging area.

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UniCarriers line-up of electric pallet jacks, end rider pallet trucks and stacker forklifts, efficiently maneuver up and down crowded aisles, in and out of coolers and freezers and to and from the loading dock. These heavy duty pallet jacks put your operators in comfortable command of any situation. Advanced features like on-board diagnostics and thermal protection drive down costs, as they drive up productivity.

To find the right walkie pallet jack, end rider or stacker for your business, contact your local UniCarriers forklift truck dealer.

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Strength, stability, reliability and performance — they’re the defining traits of UniCarriers forklifts and the dealers who sell and service them in over 130 dealerships and more than 250 locations throughout the Americas. Your local dealer is your access point to the wealth of resources available from UniCarriers, including operator training, service training, financing, technical assistance, fleet management services and more.

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