Automated Compact Truck - ACT Series

Designed to work in your warehouse. Nimble in the warehouse and production. Agile also in inbound & outbound areas.


This is ACT

Agile to operate between warehouse and production or inbound/ outbound areas.

Fits easily in the existing warehouse environment without rack modifications and operates efficiently between the warehouse and loading docks.

Safe, precise and fast heavy-duty lifting with it’s strong hydraulic unit and triple mast.



User Interface Experience

The ACT has improved UI experience with an updated responsive touch screen with more information available on the screen to assist with the operations of the AGV.

Additional features will be coming soon with a broader range of battery and lift height options. Please ask your automation expert to keep you updated as these features become available.


Details that Inspire

The ACT was designed from the start to meet the ISO 3691-4 safety standard requirements. It is equipped with the following comprehensive safety features:

 - 360° Dynamic safety fields

 - Red stripe indicators around the vehicle

 - Improved directional variable safety fields allow for higher cornering speeds.

 - Visual signal with multi color LED lights in highly visible fins on the side of the vehicle

 - Proximity detection system for smooth operations


We Can Handle That For You

Load Handling Benefits

 - Operates in narrow buffer lines and warehouse aisles

 - Easy and intuitive collaboration with manual forklifts

 - Dynamic stability and weight control RFID and bar code load identification

 - Improved hydraulics and a triple-mast for high lifting and heavy-loads

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