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Aftermarket Support

Aftermarket Support

For more than 25 years, Rapidparts has supplied reliable aftermarket parts for Mitsubishi forklift truck customers around the world under the Promatch parts brand. Our parts are sourced globally to efficiently meet the needs of local markets. Along with common forklift parts including batteries and air filters, we also provide repair parts including alternators, starters and heating/cooling components. We source from original parts and component manufacturers, ensuring superior quality in every part. With more than 33,000 part numbers for over 4.2 million applications, Rapidparts is the only source you’ll need for your Mitsubishi forklift trucks fleet.

Reliable Planned Maintenance
Regular maintenance extends the life of your forklifts and assures reliable performance shift after shift. Every Mitsubishi forklift truck is supported by our experienced and dependable dealer network to ensure your forklifts are properly maintained. With our Planned Maintenance (PM) program, you’ll have the confidence your forklifts will run every time. We’ll evaluate your operation, including forklift run times in the work environment, to develop a maintenance schedule tailored to your business. You’ll then receive a customized scheduled maintenance plan that includes everything from fluid-level checks to equipment inspections at one fixed cost. Planned Maintenance makes it easy and cost-effective to keep your Mitsubishi forklift truck fleet operating in top condition.

Top Operating Condition For Your Forklift
Maximize your operation’s productivity and spend less time worrying about maintenance with our Total Maintenance and Repair (TM&R) program. You’ll receive all of the services in the PM program plus all designated repairs for one fixed monthly rate This allows for seamless maintenance budgeting – for both expected and unexpected repairs. Your Mitsubishi forklift truck dealer will work with you to customize a TM&R plan to fit your specific needs. No matter the operating environment or application, you’ll have the confidence that your forklifts will continue running at peak performance – shift after shift.

Warranties For Your Peace Of Mind
Every new Mitsubishi forklift truck is covered by a one-year, 2,000-hour warranty that includes parts and labor on all forklift components - from hydraulics to operator controls. With this warranty, you’ll have the quality assurance and peace of mind that only comes from owning a Mitsubishi forklift truck.

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