Types of Forklift Covers - Options, Benefits & Uses

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Forklift covers are designed to help protect your forklifts from inclement weather, everyday wear and tear and much more. There are many different types of covers that you can purchase for the protection of your forklift including forklift seat covers, forklift rain covers and covers for forks. These covers are available in a wide range of materials including nylon fabric, plastic, vinyl and more. Let’s take a closer look at each of these forklift covers and how they can benefit your lift truck fleet. 

Forklift Seat Covers

Forklift seat covers are exactly what you would think, a cover used to protect the seat of your lift truck. While most forklift components see their fair share of rough conditions, it’s important to pay attention to the seats of your forklift fleet since this is the primary component responsible for your operator’s comfort. Over time, seats that have gotten wet or stayed out in the sun will tend to crack and eventually need to be replaced.

This can cause unnecessary downtime and expense when you order a replacement seat, which can make forklift seat covers a valuable investment. Seat covers are usually made of a nylon fabric or other comfortable material. They are also easy to install; simply slip the cover over the seat and secure it with a strap for a snug fit. Most importantly, they require little to no downtime when they need to be replaced. These covers can increase the life of your seats and also add an extra layer of comfort for the forklift operator.

Forklift Cab Covers

It can be hard to protect a forklift’s cab from things like dust, rain, or other falling debris. Forklift cab covers, sometimes referred to as forklift rain covers, will add another layer of protection to your forklift. These covers are usually made out of a plastic or vinyl material in order to withstand weather and other threats. They come in many different sizes depending on your forklift and are generally quick and easy to install.

Many forklift cab covers have special features that can benefit specific operations or environments. For example, if your forklifts tend to do a lot of work in wet conditions, some cab covers come with domed roofs with channels and gutters to divert water, small particulates, and debris. For forklifts that spend a lot of time outdoors, there are covers that can be tinted and/or offer UV protection to eliminate long-term exposure risks for drivers. 

Forklift Covers for Forks

The fork of a forklift is the most used part, receiving the heaviest damage during normal use. Forklift covers for forks (sometimes referred to as “fork socks”) were created to help cut down and protect forks and loads from wear and tear during handling.

The covers are usually made out of a durable, heavy duty nylon webbing that aids in protecting loads from scratches or damage. These covers are also easy to install with simple connectors. Forklift fork covers are highly beneficial when it comes to protecting your loads during handling and help to increase the life of the forks themselves.

If you’re interested in protecting your fleet with any of these forklift truck covers, contact your local lift truck dealer to find the right products to meet your needs.

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