OneFleet® is our powerful and sophisticated service that can help you manage the efficiency and profitability of your fleet. Through the collection and evaluation of data, we can provide the information and analysis required to make the best decisions for your fleet and your business.


  • Determine the annual maintenance cost for each piece of equipment in your fleet

  • Isolate basic repair expenses from those due to damage

  • Analyze your fleet’s current status to identify areas of improvement

  • Anticipate your company’s maintenance, repairs and replacement needs

  • Identify potential equipment and application issues before they arise

  • Decide when it’s time to replace a forklift

  • Determine the most cost-efficient course of action

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We know you’re increasingly looking for more customizable and unique truck modification request (TMR) options, such as advanced technology, specialized overhead guards and company-branded paint jobs. We have consistently made improvements to our TMR process in order to meet your unique needs. We never want to compromise on the reliability that our equipment is known for, so each forklift is customized during the production process – as opposed to going back after completing the base truck. By doing it inline, we’re able to deliver higher quality with faster delivery.

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