Comfort and reliability are top of mind for these forklift operators

Without them, we couldn’t function.

Hailey Nielson, Shipping/Receiving Manager


Located in Provo, UT, Rimports is a leading manufacturer and distributor of scented wickless candle products. They offer an extensive line of scented wax cubes, essential oils and other home fragrance systems through numerous mass retailers across the United States.

Warehouse Size Matters

With two locations totaling over 400,000 square feet, their operators are on forklifts all day, every day. “Without the Mitsubishi forklifts, we would have a really hard time getting every product out of the building,” says Scott Leek, chief engineer. “They run 24/7 if we need them too. That’s really important to actually shipping everything on time.”

“By the end of the day, it’s [the Mitsubishi forklift] operating exactly like when you started,” says Ryan Clark, the shipping foreman assistant at Rimports. “The next day it’s the same thing. You can definitely depend on the forklift to do what you need it to do when you need it to.”

The Competition

Rimports has used other lift trucks in the past, but after receiving their first fleet of Mitsubishi forklift trucks two years ago, the comparison was night and day. They started small, but soon grew to operate 12 Mitsubishi forklift trucks with more being added all the time. Hailey Nielson, the shipping and receiving manager, says, “When we first get them in, they actually fight over who gets to play with the new one.”

According to Landon Smith, the shipping foreman, Mitsubishi forklift trucks, “Ride smoother. They operate smoother -- the controls, the levers, everything -- is just a lot smoother. They’re awesome trucks and that’s something that we can come into work every day and rely on.”

It Adds Up

Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks has helped Rimports grow as a business.

When forklifts break down or fail to do their job, production slows down or grinds to a halt. But Rimports’ Chief Engineer says, “We have not had any downtime issues with the Mitsubishi trucks in the last two years that we’ve had them.” And their forklift dealer, Intermountain Lift Truck, is nearby and always ready to assist. “If we do have any problems with [the trucks], we have a service provider here within an hour.” That translates to savings and continued success for the company.



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