Advanced Battery Solutions

From warehousing to logistic applications, we are driven to keep our customers moving. Our comprehensive line of advanced power solutions includes forklift batteries and chargers to complete battery handling solutions. Let us help you find the right solution to power your business.

Lithium ion batteries

Lithium-Ion Battery Solutions

Powerful, efficient and long-lasting. Available on select models across our electric forklift brands, lithium-ion batteries provide fast charging times, zero maintenance and extended life expectancy. Learn about additional benefits and explore available models across our product lineup.


Synchronized Battery Management

Our advanced lithium-ion battery solutions feature a unique battery management system that monitors energy and helps ensure reliable operations. The battery, vehicle and charger are optimally synchronized allowing for fast and efficient charging capabilities.


Run 24-Hours Per Day

With opportunity charging, lithium-ion batteries can run 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week without the need to stop a shift and change batteries. Short charging times provide flexibility for day-to-day warehouse tasks with high levels of vehicle availability.

Lead acid battery

Lead-Acid Batteries

All brand makes and models are available with the proven energy life of traditional lead-acid batteries. Available in 24-, 36-, 48- and 80-volt options, these batteries rely on tried and tested technology to provide a reliable power source to keep your electric lift truck fleet moving.

Battery Charging Station

Forklift Battery Chargers, Accessories and Support

Your local dealer can assist you in providing the right battery for your operations, including chargers, battery handling systems and accessories, as well as the support and technical service you need. 

Battery Maintenance

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Need help selecting the right power solution for your business? Let us help you decide. We’ll partner with you to evaluate your application, fleet size, equipment and more and devise a plan catered to your business.

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