Driving Change: The Intelligent Automation Movement

Multiple factors have sparked the increased interest in material handling automation, from aging workforces to safety concerns to increased productivity and the rising demand for goods. Jungheinrich has been on the forefront of this movement. With a decade of proven results in the automation space, Jungheinrich's AGV systems offer a competitive advantage in multiple areas.
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Our award-winning logistics interface can easily integrate into any existing host system, such as your WMS or ERP platform.

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Automating standardized transport processes frees employees from routine exercises and allows for more valuable activities.

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With over 50 years of proven automation solutions in warehouses around the world.

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Jungheinrich's AGV systems use advanced laser navigation technology for precision accuracy and navigation.

Which Automated Guided Vehicle is Right for You?

Moving material safely, effectively, and economically is just part of the automation equation. AGVs play a vital role if your business requires:


  • Multi-shift operations Long/repetitive material handling processes
  • Movement of standardized loads, such as industrial pallets
  • Reduction in damage caused by manual transport
  • Social distancing and the safety of your staff
  • Optimizing your labor and resources for a competitive edge


If three or more of these indicators describe your operation system, then your business would highly benefit from automation. For more insight into the advantages of AGV systems, download our whitepaper “AGV Advantages: What to Consider Before Moving Forward with Automation.”

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Supported by Rocrich AGV Solutions


Jungheinrich AGVs are offered through Rocrich AGV Solutions in North America, providing customers with a dedicated, single point of contact for mobile automation solutions. With more than 85 years of expertise in automation, Rocrich will work with your business to determine the right solution to meet your business goals.


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