Advanced Forklifts For Greater Productivity

In order to meet your customer’s fast-paced demands, you need forklifts and warehouse products designed for the next generation – running longer, moving more and helping your business achieve results at a record rate. Relying on advanced AC technology and 65+ years of design expertise, Jungheinrich forklifts and Automated Guided Vehicles can help you achieve more while reducing unnecessary costs – all to drive a more productive business.


Run 2 Shifts On 1 Charge. Guaranteed.

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Rethink Labor, Boost Productivity With Automated Guided Vehicles

Let our AGVs perform your routine material handling tasks so your employees can focus on productivity

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3-Year Battery Warranty

For a limited time, receive a full 3-year battery warranty on a new EJE 120 walkie purchase.

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Total Warehouse Solution

The Total Warehouse Solution

Discover our wide range of Jungheinrich forklifts and reach trucks – designed specifically for your application.

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Your Uptime

Your Uptime Is Our Focus

Over 236,000 parts stocked in the U.S. to keep your forklift fleet running – shift after shift.

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Over 340+ locations in North America – ready to serve you where you need us.

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