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Your Complete Material Handling Solutions Provider

Cat® lift truck’s knowledgeable and experienced forklift dealers conveniently located in Jacksonville, FL are close by and ready to serve your business. From electric forklifts to internal combustion lift trucks, our extensive network of forklift dealers has a broad selection of products available to solve your material handling needs.


You can rest assured that you are working with a trusted provider when doing business with your local Jacksonville dealer as it is backed by Cat parts and support. Beyond your first purchase, our network of dealers will continue to support your business through our aftermarket support services with a Planned Maintenance program, parts, repairs and more. We are here throughout the life cycle of your new lift truck! 


Whether you are looking for a short-term rental forklift or to buy a brand new lift truck to add to your current fleet, your local Jacksonville forklift dealer is experienced in helping you pick out the right fit for your application. Your business is our main priority as we put a lot of focus on helping your operation grow and move more. You can always receive continuous support from our knowledgeable network of dealers across North, South and Central America. 

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Forklifts & Lift Trucks

With the support of Cat® lift truck’s forklift dealers in Jacksonville, your business will excel in efficiency and have room to grow. Our wide range of high-quality and reliable internal combustion lift trucks and electric forklifts will meet the needs of your application. To find out what forklift or pallet jack will fit your material handling needs, contact your Jacksonville dealer today to learn more about their current inventory.

Service & Support

Easily order the parts that your lift truck needs from one of Cat® lift truck’s many dealers, backed by the Parts Fast or Parts Free guarantee. This promise to our customers ensures that parts arrive no later than one business day after you place your order. If this isn’t the case, we will cover the costs of your parts. Contact your local Cat® lift truck Jacksonville dealer to learn more about this guarantee and other aftermarket services we offer to local businesses.

Jacksonville Forklift Rentals

If you are in need of a used forklift or a forklift available to rent, look no further than your local Jacksonville forklift dealer. They offer a variety of lift trucks and manual pallet jacks with flexible rental periods depending on the needs of your business. Whether it’s an emergency one-time use or an extended period of time, Cat® lift truck can accommodate your business. Contact your local dealer to learn more about our flexible financing and leasing options today.

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