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HOUSTON (July 29, 2014) – Cat® Lift Trucks, a provider of lift trucks known for quality, reliability and customer service, today introduced the new 7,000 kg. Capacity diesel pneumatic tire lift truck for the Mexico, South American, Central American and Caribbean markets. This heavy-duty diesel lift truck, built with a solid steel frame, one-piece steer axle and full-floating drive axle, is designed for first-class performance in rugged work environments.

“The new Cat® DP70NM pneumatic tire lift truck delivers the strength and stability our customers need to perform in rugged applications, such as lumber, pipe and steel,” said Lucas Dumdie, product line manager at Cat Lift Trucks. “We remain committed to offering high quality lift trucks that meet the demands of our customers. The new DP70NM delivers on this commitment by providing increased productivity and a lower overall operating cost.”

With a lift capacity of 7,000 kilograms and a powerful six-cylinder engine, the Cat DP70NM lift truck delivers high performance and offers customers a range of features and benefits, including:

• High-Performance Engine. The S6S-Turbo engine provides superior performance and efficiency. The engine’s low-speed torque offers controlled, yet powerful acceleration for maximum productivity throughout the shift, while the turbocharger delivers rapid response and a better operator driving experience.

• Powerful Transmission. The drivetrain of the DP70NM is equipped with an automatic transmission that directly converts the power of the engine to torque. With two forward and two reverse speeds, this lift truck provides the necessary power to perform in rugged customer applications.

• Added Operator Protection. The Presence Detection System (PDS) activates whenever the operator does not fasten the seat belt during operation or leaves the normal operating position without activating the parking brake. This integral computer-based feedback system uses both audible and visual indicators to alert the operator to potentially hazardous situations.

• Optional Cab Packages. The DP70NM is available with three cab options to offer further comfort and protection from extreme elements in applications that are exclusively or primarily outdoors. These packages include a range of features from windshields to side doors, based on your business needs.

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