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HOUSTON (December 16, 2014) – Cat Lift Trucks, a provider of lift trucks known for quality, reliability and customer service, today introduced the new GP15N-GP35N/DP20N-DP35N series of 3,000 – 7,000 lb. capacity internal combustion pneumatic tire lift trucks. In addition to delivering exceptional performance and powerful acceleration for greater productivity, the DP20N-DP35N diesel models are also built to meet and exceed U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Tier 4 final regulations.

"We're committed to providing our customers with top-performing and reliable lift truck solutions,” said Lucas Dumdie, product line manager at Cat Lift Trucks. “The GP15N-GP35N/DP20N-DP35N series offers the exceptional durability and high performance that our customers have come to expect from Cat Lift Trucks.” 

Key features of the Cat GP15N-GP35N/DP20N-DP35N series include:

Tier 4 Final Compliant: The DP20N-DP35N models are equipped with a new 4EG 3.3L diesel engine that achieves emissions levels well below tier 4 final requirements by way of a common rail fuel injection system that precisely calculates the right mixture of fuel and air in the combustion process, exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) that oxidizes NOx, carbon monoxide and particulate matter into harmless carbon dioxide and water.

Enhanced Performance:  The new 4-cylinder diesel engine offers high levels of productivity and performance. The GP25N (LP model) shows up to 10 percent more productivity in competitive testing with advantages in ramp performance, lift speeds and overall top speeds. Additionally, there is a wide array of options that can be added to these trucks in order to accommodate the needs of any application and complete the job.  

Increased Reliability: This series has a number of features that add to the overall reliability of the truck, including the standard 500 hour service intervals that help maximize uptime. The engine protection system (EPS) of the truck monitors vital fluid levels and pressures, immediately notifying the operator when certain thresholds are reached. This helps keep operators aware and notified of the needs of the lift truck, which means less down time and costly repairs. The lift truck also features an elevated air intake and filtration system that keeps the truck running clean and helps keep the engine compartment free of contaminants.

Exceptional Operator Comfort: Featuring rubber-mounted key components and a fully-insulated steel engine hood, the new Cat series offers operators a smooth, quiet ride as a result of the low noise and vibration in the operator compartment. The lift trucks also come standard with a high-visibility mast for increased operator awareness, a full-suspension vinyl seat that is adjustable for optimal comfort and a low anti-slip entry step for easy entry and exit on and off the lift truck. 

To learn more about the GP15N-GP35N/DP20N-DP35N internal combustion pneumatic tire lift truck models, visit Cat Lift Trucks.

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