Cat® Lift Trucks Introduces 3000 - 4000 lb Capacity Electric Cushion Tire Lift Trucks


Electric Cushion Tire Lift Truck

Driving the Business Forward

HOUSTON (December 11, 2019) - Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America Inc., the provider of Cat® lift trucks in the United States, Canada and Mexico, today announced the new Cat EC15N-EC18LN electric cushion tire lift truck series. The 3,000-4,000 lb. capacity model is built to drive business forward by combining the latest in operator ergonomics and advanced AC technology.

With a focus on productivity and comfort, the new Cat lift truck series maximizes efficiency with less maintenance and greater uptime. With custom operating modes, operators have control over the truck’s performance and ergonomic settings for their comfort.

“The new Cat electric cushion tire lift truck series is the best solution for maximum output,” said Antonio Serrano, product marketing manager at MCFA. “With a smarter design and longer run times, the electric cushion tire lift truck series gives customers the tools they need for optimal performance in warehouse applications where operational space is a key factor and a compact truck is needed.”

Key Features Include:

Longer-Lasting Run Times

Operators can get the job done without sacrificing performance with this truck’s 3-phase AC technology and regenerative braking features. The EC15N-EC18LN series technology keeps the lift truck running for more hours. 

Precision and Responsiveness

Separate drive, hydraulic and steer motors, maximize the lift truck’s performance for greater productivity. Resulting in precise positions, controlled travel speed, responsive acceleration and braking.

Greater Comfort

The full hydrostatic power steering wheel requires exceptionally lower effort compared to other steering systems. The Standard Full-Suspension Vinyl Grammer® Seat reduces shock and vibration through 4-way adjustments, lumbar support, weight suspension and forward/backward adjustments.

Smart Design

Operator Presence Detection System (PDS) increases operator awareness and uses both audible and visual indicators to alert the operator of potentially hazardous situations

Adaptable Performance Modes

Preset operating modes help achieve balance between output and economy. Selecting the optimal performance for acceleration, travel speed and hydraulic speeds adapts the output for the application, enhancing efficiency.

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