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HOUSTON (December 17, 2014) – Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America Inc., a leading provider of forklifts in the United States, Canada and Mexico, today introduced the new Jungheinrich® ETV 110/112 Series of moving mast reach trucks to its North American product line. The new series features Jungheinrich’s innovative 3-phase AC technology and increased maximum lift heights, making it ideal for narrow aisle and high-rack applications where space is at a premium.
“The redesigned Jungheinrich ETV 110/112 moving mast reach trucks are equipped with productivity-enhancing features for increased customer performance,” said Chad Munger, Jungheinrich product line manager at MCFA. “This series also features Jungheinrich’s advanced technology, allowing it to operate up to two shifts on one battery charge in most applications. This combination of performance and efficiency helps customers achieve even greater productivity in addition to benefiting from a lower overall cost of ownership.”

The ETV 110/112 Series of moving mast reach trucks is equipped with a number of key features resulting in increased operator productivity, performance and comfort.

Productivity: Increased maximum lift heights (up to 23.5 feet) and higher rated capacities (over 22 feet) allow operators to perform efficiently in more difficult, high-rack applications. Additionally, the extremely compact chassis design and slim support arms increase maneuverability in narrow working aisles, where space is often at a premium. This series also features Jungheinrich’s advanced Curve Control technology, which provides automatic speed reduction during cornering for even greater operator control.

Energy Efficient: This series is equipped with powerful Jungheinrich AC technology for drive, lift and steering motors, which allows the reach truck to operate up to two shifts on one battery charge in most applications.

Enhanced Ergonomics: The ETV 110/112 Series is one of the few sit-down moving mast reach trucks offered in North America allowing for enhanced operator comfort during long shifts.  Additionally, this reach truck series is equipped with automotive-style drive pedals and Solo-Pilot hydraulic control levers resulting in a smoother, more productive operation. The series also features a new mast design for enhanced operator visibility through and around the mast.

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