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HOUSTON (April 16, 2014) – Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America Inc., a leading provider of forklift trucks in the United States, Mexico, Canada and Latin America, today introduced the new Jungheinrich® ETV 318-325 and ETM 325 Series of sit-down moving mast reach trucks that are capable of transporting loads up to 5,500 lbs. Featuring increased maximum lift heights, improved operator comfort and Jungheinrich’s 4th generation AC technology, the ETV/ETM 3 series of reach trucks is ideal for both narrow aisle and high-rack applications that require rapid maneuverability in confined work areas.
“The redesigned Jungheinrich ETV/ETM 3 Series moving mast reach trucks are equipped with productivity-enhancing features that can increase performance and reduce energy consumption,” said Chad Munger, Jungheinrich product line manager at MCFA. “The technology and ergonomics that these moving mast reach truck provide will help keep operators productive and customers happy with the efficiency of their warehouse operation.”

One of the few sit-down moving mast reach trucks offered in North America, a key benefit of the ETV/ETM 3 Series is that operators remain seated while driving the reach truck. This allows for enhanced comfort especially in applications where the operator remains on the truck for extended periods of time.

The ETV 318-325 and ETM 325 also come equipped with a number of features for increased performance, enhanced visibility and improved operator comfort.

• Performance: Increased maximum lift heights (up to 42 feet) and higher rated capacities (over 27 feet) allow operators to perform efficiently in more difficult high-rack applications. The Curve Control feature, which provides automatic speed reduction during cornering, provides enhanced security for both the product and operator, especially in confined areas.

• Energy Efficient: Equipped with Jungheinrich’s powerful 4th generation AC technology for drive, lift and steering motors, the reach truck has the ability to operate up to two shifts on one battery charge in many applications. Optional regenerative lowering also can provide longer run times on a single battery charge, especially in high-lift applications.

• Enhanced Operator Comfort: Designed with operator comfort in mind, the new moving mast reach truck series features a spacious operator compartment and wider armrest, which allows for a variety of operators to comfortably drive the lift truck. An well-designed steering wheel ensures that the steer knob is always in the most ergonomic position for the operator.

• Improved Operator Visibility: The new mast design allows for enhanced visibility through and around the mast.

The newly-introduced reach trucks can also be equipped with various options to improve overall reach truck performance, including the Drive Plus and Lift Plus options, which increase drive speeds by nearly 2 mph and loaded lift speeds by more than 30 fpm.

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