Introducing Jungheinrich® easyPILOT Follow, Semi-Automated Control Unit for Low-Level Order Picking


ECE EasyPilot Follow semi-automation

An Advanced Technology For Improved Accuracy, Productivity

HOUSTON (November 6, 2019) - Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America Inc., the provider of Jungheinrich® lift trucks and narrow-aisle products in the United States, Canada and Mexico, announced today that it has enhanced its automated offering of forklifts and warehouse products with a remote control unit for its ECE series low-level order pickers that maximizes picking efficiency.   

The Jungheinrich easyPILOT Follow semi-automatic control unit allows the order picker to follow its operator, enabling error-free picking processes and maximum efficiency in the warehouse. The unit connects via wireless technology through a controller that the operator wears or carries. With its reliable connection, the lift truck follows as the operator moves forward and stops with extreme accuracy.

“Jungheinrich’s new easyPILOT Follow sets a new standard for the use of semi-automated technology in the warehouse,” said Perry Ardito, general manager, Jungheinrich Warehouse and Automation Products Group at MCFA. “Available on the Jungheinrich ECE center control rider, the easyPILOT remote control unit eliminates the need for the operator to enter and exit the lift truck to complete tasks, helping to increase order picking accuracy. Our solution maximizes efficiency and minimizes error frequency while reducing the strain on the operator.”

The easyPILOT Follow uses modern laser scanners to continuously check the area in front of the truck.  This helps provide safe and reliable navigation and positioning in rack aisles. If the scanners detect an obstacle in the path of the order picker, the truck stops.  This feature eliminates failure of the truck to respond due to visual obstacles or other sources of interference.

“Customers are continuing to seek new ways to streamline and improve their operation’s efficiency, productivity and cost of doing business,” said Ardito. “Jungheinrich has a longstanding reputation for delivering efficient and advanced lift truck technology for more than 65 years, and we’re excited to bring this latest semi-automated technology to our customers in North America.”

Today’s release further enhances the company’s automation technology portfolio. Earlier this year, Jungheinrich announced the release of the EZS 350a NA automated guided electric tow tractor and the EKS 215a automated guided medium-to-high-level stacker. The easyPILOT Follow is one of several semi-automated solutions designed to meet the unique challenges of low-level order picking.

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