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HOUSTON (August 4, 2014) – Mitsubishi Forklift Trucksmanufacturer of reliable and affordable forklift trucks for hardworking applications, today introduced its new series of 3,500 – 4,500 lb. capacity pantograph reach trucks. Designed for exceptional performance and productivity, the new ESR20N2-EDR18N2 series features advanced AC technology, resulting in longer run times and higher lift speeds. 
“Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks remains committed to delivering high-performance lift trucks that provide exceptional value and reliability,” said Jeff Bowles, product line manager at Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks. “The new ESR20N2-EDR18N2 series is designed to reach higher – up to 450 feet – and faster for greater productivity and a lower overall cost of ownership.”

Increased efficiency, superior capacity retention and exceptional performance are key components of the new Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks ESR20N2-EDR18N2 series.

• Exceptional Load Handling: The new reach truck series provides excellent load handling at high lift heights – reaching up to 450 inches. This is due to a unique design, which features a suspended articulating drive axle that evenly balances load weight for improved stability during cornering and when working at high lift heights. The reach truck also features a rigid mast with cushioning at all mast stage transitions, which allows the operator to smoothly and confidently lift and transport materials on a consistent basis.

• Improved Operator Ergonomics: The ESR-EDR series of reach trucks is designed with a spacious operator compartment for increased comfort and productivity. The reach truck’s intuitive multifunction control handle maximizes operator performance by allowing travel and hydraulic functions to be easily controlled. The pantograph system also features extensive cushioning to soften the impact to the load when it reaches the end of its stroke to better protect valuable loads and improve the operator’s working experience. Additionally, this series features one of the smoothest rides in the industry, improving the overall driving experience and reducing operator fatigue.

• More Awareness: The operator display panel features key information in one easy-to-access location, including three programmable performance modes, a battery discharge indicator, drive wheel direction indicator and LED indicator lights. These features help operators remain informed and in control while moving loads through the facility. Productivity-enhancing options, such as an optional fork-mounted camera, lift height indicator and tilt position assist, help to improve operator performance in many applications.

The ESR20N2-EDR18N2 series also features excellent ergonomics, including improved cushioning in the operator compartment and floor. Additionally, the forklift features electronic power steering for easier aisle positioning and reduced operator fatigue.

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