Forklift Accessories & Attachments

A selection of forklift accessories and forklift attachments for improved safety, operator comfort, and efficiency.

Not only are forklifts getting smarter by using computerized components - their engine, drive, transmission and other systems are evolving.

The accessories you can put on forklifts are also evolving. There are many forklift driver accessories that have been developed to improve safety and productivity for operators. Most forklift truck accessories can be purchased through a dealer or online parts store. Here is a sampling of optional forklift accessories and fork truck attachments that can save you money and improve overall material handling operations through enhanced productivity.

Red and Blue LED Lights

LED lights are high intensity auxiliary LEDs that are compact, easy to install, and are designed specifically for warehouses and material handling environments to provide additional notification of an approaching forklift.

These are among the most popular forklift driver accessories for creating a safe work environment. The LED lights project light onto the surface floor which are particularly helpful in warehouse racking environments or situations where blind corners are present.

Camera System

One of the biggest factors that can impact a forklift operator’s work performance is their ability to view their surroundings. An operator’s direct view of the load, fork position, and their immediate surroundings is important.  Attachments and loads along with shelf height and depth and low lighting conditions may limit direct visibility for a forklift operator. The Orlaco camera system provides additional indirect visibility, where direct visibility may not be possible, allowing the operator to work safely and efficiently.

There are two kits available to accommodate counterbalance and reach truck applications. You can contact your local forklift dealer for any questions regarding application or mounting the system to a truck.

G-Force Impact Monitors

Improve operator accountability and help reduce impact damage to forklifts, racking and equipment with a G-Force impact monitor. The system detects potentially damaging impacts felt by the lift truck but ignores low energy jolts and bumps of normal operation.

When an impact takes place, an audible alarm is triggered and forklift operation is temporarily interrupted. A "Disarm Key" is required to disarm the alarm and reset the lift truck.

This provides a great opportunity for employers to reassess the operator’s ability to operate the lift truck safely, and to provide any needed reinforcement training particularly in heavy duty settings.

There are many benefits to owning G-Force impact monitors, including:
  • Improved operator performance through reinforcement training
  • Reduced costs associated with potentially unsafe lift truck operation (e.g. vehicle damage, product damage, racking and facility damage, down time, etc.)
  • Incident report completion at time of impact
  • Field-upgradeable to a G-Force 2 and G-Force 3 systems

Utility Trays and Kits

Improve operator comfort and efficiency with a utility kit specifically designed for forklifts. The Handy-Mag Trio includes a clipboard, utility box, and tape gun, and keeps items close and secure with a powerful magnet.

Transferable utility trays allow your operators to conveniently store clip boards, pens, markers, box cutters, shrink wrap and other tools in the forklift compartment. Utility trays can also be mounted on other non-forklift or pallet jack surfaces such as work stations, warehouse racking or other metal surfaces.

Forklift Rain Caps and Windshield Panel Cabs

Rain caps and windshield panel cabs are some of the most popular forklift cab accessories. Both are easy to install and provide the durability needed to protect operators from the elements.

CoolCab Windshield Panel Cabs from nGauge® are a durable alternative to vinyl cab enclosures and other forklift caps. They are constructed from tempered safety glass construction and heavy gauge steel.

Windshields provide excellent visibility with a 12-volt wiper and a large roof view and rear window panel for backup protection. All nGauge® rain caps and windshield panel cabs are designed to fit select Cat® lift trucks and Mitsubishi forklift trucks models.

Lift Truck Scales

Measure the load weight on any forklift - regardless of make, model, operating voltage, fork configuration or fork length - with a SkidWeigh lift truck scale. Any time a skid load is picked up, the increase in hydraulic pressure will automatically activate the “weighing cycle” algorithm of the system and convert the hydraulic pressure to the weight of the load.

These are just a few fork truck accessories available that can decrease costs and increase productivity. See our full range of forklift parts and accessories.

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