Forklift battery hatch open

Why You Should Consider Fast Charging For Extended Battery Life

This formula has changed for many operations that run more than one shift. Fast charging has become a popular alternative to conventional charging, with hundreds of companies making the switch.

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Worker loading materials on pallet into truck using a Jungheinrich walkie pallet truck

Tips To Cut Your Forklift Travel Time

Minimizing wasted forklift movement and cutting forklift travel time will improve efficiency for your forklift fleet. These are our four tips for reducing forklift travel time.

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Mitsubishi forklift order pickers picking items from high racking

Order Picking Trends For Increased Productivity

Challenged by increasing stock keeping units (SKUs)? Learn how to evaluate your lift trucks and implement best picking practices to further optimize order picking in your warehouse.

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Two workers repairing the backs of different Cat forklifts

How Regular Inspections Will Reduce Forklift Repairs

Reduce forklift repairs by conducting our regular forklift inspections techniques. Our forklift inspection checklist of lift truck components prevents problems before they happen.

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3 Jungheinrich forklifts in a row

Choosing The Right Forklift For Your Business

The forklift selection process can be difficult – factors like work environment, shifts, and types of product or loads handled all impact the lift truck you use.

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