Rocla AGV Solutions For The Paper Industry

Mitsubishi Logisnext Americas has a long history and strong expertise in offering high-quality Rocla AGV Solutions specifically designed for the needs of the paper industry. The in-house transportation and warehousing of paper rolls and other loads of sheeted products and pulp bales are 24/7 operations, where automated logistics technology can offer great opportunities for increased efficiency and safety.

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Rocla AGV Paper

Bottlenecks Preventing Optimal Efficiency

Even with the best warehouse management systems in place, manually operated forklift transportation is still a bottleneck to optimum efficiency: 

  • Rolls and loads are lost or misplaced

  • Incorrect rolls delivered to converting machines

  • Careless forklift operations causing damage to both product & equipment

  • Falling rolls and loads due to improper or faulty stacking

  • Inability to provide cost effective 24/7 internal transport expertise

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Improve your bottom line with a Rocla AGV Fleet

  • No more lost or misplaced products

  • Increased converting machine up-time with accurate and timely delivery of rolls

  • No machine or product damage from manual truck impacts

  • AGVs handle products gently and predictably reducing waste

  • Efficiency of operations through reliable on-time delivery

  • Improved housekeeping functions and lower inventory costs

  • Increased safety with collision avoidance capabilities

  • AGVs eliminate access issues created by conveyors or cranes

  • AGV solutions are flexible to changing production and product handling requirements

  • AGV system total costs of ownership are very predictable

  • AGV system can be implemented without production stops

Rocla AGV Paper FleetController

Combining Efficiency and ease of Use with the Rocla FleetController

Our FleetController allows you to maximize your AGV fleet capacity, reap the benefits of optimized route and order management, and achieve cost savings with WMS integration and operations. The dynamic vehicle route optimization uses smart algorithms to do all the route planning. No more traffic jams, gridlock, manual routing, or traffic rules are needed. What this means to you, is the ability to do 20-30% more work with the same size AGV fleet.



Rocla AGVs Take Logistics to the Next Level

Benefits of Automation

Learn more about the benefits that your organization can receive from completing an automation project and why Rocla should be your AGV solution of choice.

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When you partner with Rocla, you get Total Automation Logistics Solutions in the paper industry. Read more about how our team's experience will reduce your costs. 

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