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Revolutionizing Stadium Logistics and Warehouse Efficiency


As America’s team, the Dallas Cowboys take pride in constructing something that others can enjoy across the United States and across the world. Their mission is to meet customer demands and to give their fans and clients the best experience possible.

AT&T Stadium hosts a wide range of events, from international soccer games to record-breaking NBA All-Star Games and more. Field conversions set the stage for all events at AT&T Stadium.

At the Dallas Cowboys’ merchandising warehouse, connected to the Dallas Cowboys Pro Shop, they operate at about 400,000 sq. ft. They also ship units from Frisco, Texas, to all over the world and need trucks that can more effectively and safely complete work constructions on a daily basis.

"Ever since we purchased the Cat lift trucks, our conversions have gone from 12 to 10 hours.”

Trevor Buck, field/landscape manager

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Cat Lift Trucks: 10 Hour Conversions

To maximize peak performance, AT&T stadium relies on Cat lift trucks to keep its operation moving. The Dallas Cowboys uses Cat DP120N and GP25N internal combustion pneumatic tire lift trucks to perform its ongoing stadium processes year-round.

“Ever since we switched over to the Cat lift trucks, we've noticed a lot more power and reliability. Before we had the Cat DP120N, we really struggled with the weight of the turf. Our turf weighs roughly 12,000 lbs., and we have 46 rolls of them. We can't move any of these 12,000 lb. rolls without a Cat truck,” says Trevor Buck, field/landscape manager.

Gabe Ryan, landscape technician says, “I absolutely love this machine, it's made our job incredibly easy. It feels extremely safe operating it, with the tight corners in the stadium, other machines just couldn't do it. I would absolutely recommend Cat lift trucks to others. It looks great, feels great - it's everything you can ask for in a machine.”

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“Jungheinrich has revolutionized the way we manage in the warehouse. These trucks not only operate efficiently, but also provide a heightened sense of security, significantly elevating our overall productivity. The Dallas Cowboys is all about tradition and excellence, and these trucks are now part of that tradition.”

Alex Luviano, product movement manager

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Jungheinrich Warehouse Products: 2 Shifts On 1 Charge

The Jungheinrich pantograph reach trucks and high-level order pickers have become a vital component in daily tasks at the Dallas Cowboys’ merchandising warehouse. Capable of operating two 8-hour shifts on a single charge, the Jungheinrich lift trucks offer a variety of cutting-edge features that ensure seamless warehouse efficiency.

“The Jungheinrich trucks run all day for both 8-hour shifts on one single charge. The machines themselves feel more durable and safe. There are features that other competitors don't currently offer. Jungheinrich just feels like you're buying the Mercedes of warehouse equipment,” says Alex Luviano, product movement manager.

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