unicarriers forklift at eagle air freight

Eagle Air Freight

Reliability and Quality Make UniCarriers Forklifts the Right Choice at Eagle Air Freight for More Than 30 Years


Eagle Air Freight

For Eagle Air Freight, a family-owned Massachusetts-based air freight company that serves several major east coast cargo transport hubs, timing is everything. In a business where every minute counts, Eagle Air Freight has depended on UniCarriers forklifts to deliver reliable, top-quality performance in tight situations.

unicarriers forklift in warehouse lifting box onto racking

3 Decades of Reliability

“If you took your family on vacation and missed the flight by three minutes, the airline’s not going to just find another plane,” Jim O’Brien, head of maintenance at Eagle Air Freight, said. “We have to deal with that same challenge. The cargo needs to connect to the flights on time, so we can’t afford any last-minute forklift maintenance issues.”

Eagle Air Freight and its 55 employees have handled cargo of every quality and size for the New England, New York City, Philadelphia and New Jersey areas for more than 33 years. Throughout the decades, the company has relied on the UniCarriers brand to deliver the ruggedness and performance to meet the demands of its customers. The company currently has a fleet of 28 UniCarriers forklifts, many of which are the propane-powered Platinum II® series lift trucks. O’Brien says the propane burns cleaner and performs diligently in the cold environments in which the company operates. Several of the trucks currently in operation were purchased in the 1980s and remain favorites to many of Eagle Air Freight’s operators.

overhead view of unicarriers forklift with pallets

A Lasting Relationship

“As for changing vendors, it doesn’t make any sense, seeing that this product has worked for us for so long,” O’Brien said. “Other companies have knocked at our door, but none of them have been able to get a foot in it with the outstanding quality UniCarriers produces for us and our equipment. Their lift trucks are very simple to maintain, built to last and very comfortable to operate.”

All of Eagle Air Freight’s trucks were purchased from their local UniCarriers forklift dealer, Equipment Depot Northeast through their dedicated Major Account Manager, Bill Leavitt. According to O’Brien, Leavitt’s knowledge of both Eagle Air Freight’s needs and UniCarriers’ products has built a customer loyalty now in its fourth decade.

UniCarriers forklift carrying box

Easy Upkeep

“Working with Bill is so easy, because he knows our business so well,” O’Brien says. “I never have to go over spec items with him. We did it thirty years ago, and everything since has been tailored to the needs of our business.”

To better manage labor costs, Eagle Air Freight does all of its maintenance work in-house. The ruggedness of UniCarriers’ lift trucks has made upkeep an easy task for O’Brien’s maintenance staff. When problems arise, O’Brien says Leavitt and Equipment Depot Northeast are always quick in delivering emergency part shipments and being available in the event of a truck breakdown.

“When talking to my long-term customers like Eagle Air Freight about why they keep coming back to UniCarriers trucks, they all say the same thing,” Leavitt says. “They come back for the trucks’ reliability, durability and ease-of-use and low downtime.”

In the end, O’Brien agrees that what makes Eagle Air Freight a reliable transport provider is the trusted reliability of UniCarriers equipment. No matter the size, when the company needs to cross-dock cargo, its UniCarriers forklifts can handle the load with consistency and ease.


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