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Kuna Foodservice

Productivity drives success for foodservice company

As a company based on speed and service, we have come to rely on the heightened work pace our Jungheinrich products encourage.

John Schuler, senior vice president and general manager

One of the most successful foodservice companies in the Midwest, Kuna Foodservice (Kuna) has provided quality service to clients, such as restaurants and country clubs, for over 90 years. Originally founded as a family-owned butcher shop, Kuna has developed into the largest independent, privately-owned foodservice company and steak processor in the St. Louis, Missouri, area.

Faced with the challenge of a new, 98,000-square-foot distribution facility and operating in a range of environments, Kuna began researching various warehouse products in the marketplace and turned to their local Jungheinrich® dealer for help in redesigning their warehouse fleet.

Kuna agreed to a trial of the Jungheinrich ETV 214 moving mast reach truck and quickly noticed an almost immediate difference in productivity, efficiency and operator comfort. Equipped with 3-phase AC technology, the ETV 214 had significantly faster travel speeds than the previous material handling equipment, allowing operators to more efficiently move goods through Kuna's facility.

“The Jungheinrich reach trucks move quicker up, down, and front and back than any truck I’ve worked with in my 11 years here."

Rich Garavaglia, a Warehouse Employee at Kuna Foodservice

ETV214 reach truck

Expanding The Fleet

“The Jungheinrich reach trucks move quicker up, down, and front and back than any truck I’ve worked with in my 11 years here,” says Rich Garavaglia, a warehouse employee at Kuna Foodservice.

Since the initial trial phase, Kuna has purchased three ETV 214 moving mast reach trucks and seven ECR 336 walkie end-rider pallet trucks to replace their existing warehouse product fleet. A 24-hour operation, they rely on the moving mast reach trucks during the day to stock warehouse materials and the walkies at night to fill and load product orders into trucks.

ETV214 Ergonomic interior

12-Hour Run Times

With Jungheinrich’s energy efficient design, the moving mast reach truck operates up to two shifts on a single battery charge in many applications. Kuna’s operators run the lift trucks up to 12 hours at a time before needing to stop and charge the equipment. The regenerative lowering feature, also included on Kuna’s fleet of ETV 214s, includes an enhanced 14 kW hydraulic motor that helps reclaim energy during the lowering process, contributing to greater efficiency.

Jungheinrich ETV214 electric sit down reach truck

Equipped For Cold Storage

Working in temperatures from 65 to -6 degrees Fahrenheit, Kuna equipped its entire fleet of ETV 214 reach trucks with a freezer package to combat the company’s extreme work conditions. The package includes operator comfort features like a heated leather seat and paneling, and product enhancements to strengthen the product’s durability in extreme conditions.

Jungheinrich ETV214 reach truck from above

Local Support

Kuna continues to partner with its local dealer for planned maintenance support to further protect and extend the life of the products.

“Jungheinrich has fulfilled all of our service needs quickly and efficiently,” Garavaglia comments.

Kuna’s workforce appreciates the Jungheinrich product’s efficient movements and wide range of productivity-enhancing features and options – allowing them to complete their tasks and meet their bonus targets in record time. “We look forward to continuing to work with them as a partner for years to come,” said Schuler.

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