Rocla AGV at Seeberger factory


Seeberger Depends On Rocla AGVs to Manage Fulfillment



Seeberger, a leading producer of dried fruits, nuts and coffee, depends on its Rocla Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) to keep its non-stop production plant running. More than 175 years in business, Seeberger has continued to evolve and grow – with a continued focus on offering their customers quality products from around the world.

Rocla AGV on white background

Driving Change

Challenged with a high volume of transport movements, Seeberger’s production team began evaluating new ways to improve their existing workflow. Their project requirements included synchronizing their raw materials and packing machines in their operation, and automating the delivery of their raw materials to their production plant. Seeberger partnered with Rocla to determine the right Automated Guided Vehicle solution for its business.

Rocla AGV at Seeberger factory

The Solution

Today, five Rocla AGVs transport the raw materials from its warehouse to Seeberger’s production facility. The fruit and nut pallets are relatively lightweight, which is why Seeberger chose the Rocla ATX. An AGV designed specifically for pallet transport, the ATX can lift loads of up to 2,755 pounds to a height of six feet. The structure of this vehicle is modular and particularly compact, making it especially suitable for use in areas with limited space.


Project manager Marc Eberhardt is pleased with the AGVs and stresses the reliability and efficiency of the Rocla system. “The AGV and our automatic high-bay storage facility are controlled by our production management system (PMS),” he says. “This allows optimum interaction of our various systems. We achieve maximum utilization of the AGV system’s transport capacity thanks to minimal waiting times at the warehouse and accurately synchronized delivery of the raw materials to the packing machines.”


Eberhardt says that while employees were initially reluctant to work with the new driverless transport vehicles, they got onboard when they saw how reliably, safely, and efficiently the AGV works. According to Eberhardt, since the system was deployed, there have been no accidents or any damage to Seeberger’s property.


“The high level of automation ensures that the right goods are in the right place at the right time and in the right quantities,” says Eberhardt. “Moreover, we maintain a constant accurate overview of our current flow of goods and stock levels.”

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