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Steere Enterprises:

Mitsubishi forklifts provide lower Total Cost of Ownership

We’re constantly moving – quick turns, start-stop. And that really is the true testament of how the truck does.

Brock Steere, Co-President Steere Enterprises

Steere enterprises inc.

Steere Enterprises, Inc. is a leading international plastics supplier that produces a wide variety of products using different manufacturing processes: including blow molding and Dual Process™ overmolding  technology. Some of Steere’s major customers include Ford, GM and Chrysler.

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Significant Reduction In Maintenance And Downtime Costs

Steere currently operates within 300,000 sq. ft. of space across five buildings. They run their forklift fleet hard: 24-hours-a-day for at least 5 days a week to keep-up with customer demands. This was a large part of what was considered when choosing Mitsubishi forklift trucks for their operation.

Brock Steere, Co-President of Steere Enterprises says, “With the 24-by-7 operation, to have all of our forklifts going at all times is really important for us. Even just one forklift down can really be a burden. With Mitsubishi [forklift trucks] we’ve seen significant reduction in maintenance costs as well as downtime costs.”

Steere Enterprises employee operating forklift

Exceptional Operator Comfort

With Steere running 24 hours, a single operator moves hundreds of pallets daily. Their forklifts need to be running when they need them – and as long as they need them - while at the same time being comfortable to work in.

Steere’s Floor Operator, Daniel Lloyd mentioned, “I come in and I ride the same one every day. The controls are very comfortable and the distance is very in-reach. The wheel in my left hand, the gears in my right hand, and the seat is very comfortable. It feels like it’s softer and it moves back a little further and has a little tilt to it.”

Steere Testimonial Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks

Excellent Maneuverability

At Steere’s facility, there are a lot of tight spaces that can be challenging for forklifts to operate around, which was part of their evaluation when choosing a Mitsubishi forklift. Steere’s Floor Operator, Daniel Lloyd mentioned that, “It maneuvers very well. Getting in and out of tight spaces are not a problem.”

Co-President Brock Steere added, “We’re constantly moving – quick turns, start-stop. And that really is the true testament of how the truck does.”

Steere Testimonial Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks

Makes The Job Easier

The operators at Steere are the best resource to determine how Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks are doing at their operation. Co-President Brock Steere said that, “It makes their job easier. And anything that makes our operators’ jobs easier, makes us happier – not only from a financial standpoint, but from a culture standpoint, as well.”

He continues, “The core values of our family business that my grandfather founded will never change here – innovation, quality and culture. We always say that we’re building our company for generations to come, so our decision making, whether it be purchasing a forklift, purchasing a business line, all of those are thinking ten, twenty, thirty years out. And so, for someone looking to potentially make a change, I would highly encourage them to look into the Mitsubishi [forklift trucks] brand. Our factory floor has gone through several different suppliers of trucks over the years and this is one of the best ones we ever had.”



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