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Leading the industry in developing Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) for 50+ years, Jungheinrich's AGV forklift systems are proven, flexible and scalable - while featuring precise navigation technology to increase your operation's workflow and performance.


From semi- to fully-automated forklift solutions suited for a wide range of industries, Jungheinrich's automated guided forklifts can effectively tackle routine material handling tasks with a high level of safety. Programmed to operate around the clock, and across multiple shifts, AGV forklifts can help:

  • Minimize product and equipment damage
  • Decrease labor costs
  • Reduce downtime


Let our Jungheinrich AGV forklift specialists help guide you through our tried-and-tested integration process to ensure a seamless and successful solution for your business needs.

Introducing Jungheinrich's AGV Forklifts

Many equipment manufacturers are making the move to automation and are quick to offer a solution. Jungheinrich's background, experience, and depth of automation knowledge puts them at the forefront of the technology. Jungheinrich has been tested and proven time and time again. With a background of over 60 years in electric lift truck design, 50 years of automation experience, and an award-winning logistics interface that integrates into any existing host system, such as WMS or ERP platforms.

Explore our range of Automated Guided Vehicle Solutions:

Automated AGV Pallet Stacker EKS 215A (3,300 lbs.)

High-Level AGV Stacker with versatility, suitable for non-drive-under loading aids and stations.


  • Flexible AGV forklift, used in mixed operations with manual trucks and pedestrians, either integrated into existing structures or new systems
  • Precise pallet handling with laser navigation
  • Efficient completion of routine tasks
  • Simple ERP connection via Logistics Interface for optimized processes
  • Load capacity: up to 3,300 lbs.
  • Lift height: up to 236 inches
  • Short payback period thanks to process optimization


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Automated AGV Turret Truck EKX 516ka / 516a (3,500 lb.)

Thanks to the optional integration of an on-board battery charger, bus bar and current collector, this AGV turret truck is optimally prepared for 24/7 use.


  • Gradual automation
  • Maintenance-free synchronous reluctance motor
  • Different options for pallet stacking and retrieval
  • Optional on-board battery charger for 24/7 operation
  • Load capacity: up to 3,500 lbs.
  • Lift height: up to 472-511 inches


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Automated Tow Tractor EZS 350A NA (11,000 lbs.)

AGV Tow Tractor suitable for pulling multiple trailers with compact dimensions for use in narrow aisles.


  • Flexible AGV, for use in both manual and automated mode
  • Automated coupling and uncoupling of trailers
  • Special build solution
  • Load capacity: up to 11,000 lbs.

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Automated AGV Pallet Truck ERE 225a (5,500 lb.)

Designed with comprehensive safety technology as well as automation and navigation components, the ERE 225a provides continuously high performance and maximum process reliability.


  • Compact design for narrow aisle widths.
  • Efficient, reliable completion of routine tasks
  • Precise pallet handling and optimized transport routes thanks to precise laser navigation
  • Extensive safety systems for use in mixed operations
  • Load capacity: up to 5,500 lbs.


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Why Automated Guided Vehicle Forklifts?

Automated guided vehicle forklifts are flexible, scalable, and ideal for streamlining repetitive and routine tasks - allowing you to free-up your workforce to focus on more complex and valuable areas of your business. Explore common use cases and industries for AGVs below, or contact an AGV Specialist to discuss your specific needs.

AGVs can help streamline repetitive tasks – from assembly to transfer and order picking.


  • Assembly: Program AGVs to move products through production processes.
  • Staging: Automate the delivery of pallets for production processes.
  • Warehousing: AGV tow tractors effectively transport products from stretch wrappers to docks or storage.
  • Transfer/Shuttle: AGVs can easily transfer loads across high traffic aisles.
  • Pallet Loading: Use AGVs to load trucks for transport or unload shipments and move them to the storage area.
  • Pallet Handling: Program AGVs to move and stack pallets on many types of racking systems.
  • Empty Pallet Restacking: AGVs can automatically replenish stacks of empty pallets.
  • Kitting: Use AGVs to collect parts for assembly.
  • Order picking: Program AGVs to move ordered products to trailer-loading area for distribution and transporting a platform for a picker to transfer selected items.
  • Custom Applications: AGVs can be programmed and modified with different attachments to accommodate specific tasks.


Let Jungheinrich’s AGV specialists help you identify the right solution to optimize your processes – from warehousing and distribution to custom applications.

Automation is rapidly being adopted across many industries, but continues to excel in areas with routine or repetitive tasks, like:

  • Warehouse & Distribution
  • Automotive
  • Food & Beverage
  • Chemicals
  • Commercial Printing
  • Hospital
  • Paper

The Proven Choice for AGVs

Automation can be the right road to increased productivity and flexibility. Globally, Jungheinrich has a proven track record in successfully implementing AGVs into a customer's unique warehouse environment by blending their current intralogistics with the right degree of automation.


Find out how AGVs can seamlessly integrate with your existing lift truck processes - and scale for the future. Contact our AGV Experts to learn more.

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