Safety In Your Warehouse

Safety concerns in your warehouse can be heavy; let us help ease that load.


Safety incidents involving forklifts can significantly impact your business. They can lead to operational downtime, increased costs and even affect your ability to gain new business. At Jungheinrich®, we understand that reducing risk of damage to your facilities, equipment, products and your people is of utmost important. Jungheinrich warehouse products are designed with assistance systems and optional features that can help mitigate risks associated with some job sites hazards, improve operator awareness and raise efficiency in material handling operations.

Protecting Your People

Your people are the most important asset you have. Jungheinrich warehouse products are designed with numerous standard features to supplement existing safe work practices, such as: 


  • Programmable Performance Modes: Provides different operating modes based on operator skill levels.
  • speedCONTROL: Customizes max travel speeds aligned with operator skill level for optimal productivity.
  • Operator Presence Systems: Helps to ensure that the operator is in the intended operating position before travel or hydraulic functions can be activated.

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Protecting Your Products

Protecting your products from production to storage and delivery to your customers is critical. Jungheinrich has designed features to help you and your team protect whatever it is you move. 


  • curveCONTROL: Slows down the speed of the truck when cornering using sensors in the steer axle that monitor the steering angle.
  • liftCONTROL: Uses a calculated reduction in tilt speed of the mast at defined lift heights for more optimal stacking and retrieval operations.
  • driveCONTROL: Limits the trucks' travel speed to precisely calculated levels during pick and place maneuvers.
  • Optional Fork & Carriage Mounted Cameras: Operators can move products confidently by providing a view of the load from a carriage or fork mounted camera.

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Protecting Your Workspaces

Integral to your operation, protecting your facility can help reduce the risk of damage to everything that happens within its walls. With Jungheinrich warehouse products you can feel confident that reducing risks to your warehouse, racking and everything in between is taken into consideration. 


  • Object Detection System: Equipped on our AGV solutions, this system is designed to avoid collisions with pedestrians, trucks or other obstacles with built-in, enhanced presence sensors.
  • Back-up Alarm / "Smart" Back-up Alarm: Warns pedestrians that a truck is intended to travel in reverse. The advanced "smart" alarm adjusts its volume depending on the ambient noise.

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Protecting Your Machines

Jungheinrich assistance systems and services help increase up-time and productivity, so your operations can continue to run smoothly.


  • Special Application Packages:Tropical packages, cold storage options, operator cabs and other application options ensures that your trucks are equipped to meet your application requirements. 
  • Ingress Protection / UL Ratings: Sealed componentry provides high levels of ingress protection from moisture and dust.
  • JUDIT Software Tool:Technicians are equipped with a proprietary software tool to quickly and conveniently diagnose issues with the truck as it communicates with their laptop.

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Protecting Your Budgets & Operations

As more information passes between trucks and systems, Jungheinrich offers customized solutions to meet the needs of an evolving warehousing industry.


  • Extended Service Intervals: Extended preventative maintenance service intervals means lower costs and less time where your trucks are set aside for maintenance and more time doing their job, moving your product.
  • Wire Guidance / RFID Transponder Technology: Transponder readers on the trucks communicate via RFID with transponders "pills" installed in the floor - automating various functions.
  • Warehouse Navigation Systems: Features transponder technology for pinpoint accuracy when approaching pallet locations - done in the quickest time, over the shortest distance, using the minimum amount of energy. 
  • Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs): Jungheinrich AGV systems help to reduce/eliminate error margins of operation while optimizing productivity for a more efficient operation.

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Protecting Your Brand

Maintaining a safe work environment can enable you to recruit top talent, save time and money and ultimately improve your bottom line. Contact your local dealer or National Accounts teams to let us help ease some of the load.

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